Keeping Your Kids Healthy in the Heat

My daughter enjoying the beach.

Much of the nation is in the relentless grip of an oppressive heat wave, with thermometers hovering at — or well above — 100 degrees.  But it’s the weekend!  But our kids are sick of staying inside!  There are only so many movies you can watch and malls at which you can loiter.

What’s a parent to do?

I spoke with Dr. Kimberly Barksdale of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen about that today, and she has some great ideas about letting your children play outside while playing it safe. [Read more…]


Drowning: A Silent Killer

Photo Courtesy CDC

According to the American Red Cross:

About 3,500 Americans drown each year, averaging ten deaths per day. More than one in five fatal drowning victims are children 14 and younger. A Red Cross survey from 2009 revealed that almost half of those polled nearly drowned in their lifetime. One in four people know someone who has drowned.

Those are some sobering statistics about an activity so closely associated with family fun.  How could ten people die every day by drowning?  Anita Foster at the American Red Cross Dallas says one reason is many of us have the wrong idea about what to expect when drowning is occurring: [Read more…]

She cries! She Pees! She Breastfeeds! Wait…What? (w Audio Interview)

Little girls of a certain age like to play mommy.  They like to have dolls that do all kinds of things real babies do.  They like to comfort them when they cry.  They like to change their wet diapers.  They like to feed them.

Well, apparently the *way* some little girls like to feed their dolls is causing consternation [Read more…]

Toys And Television For Your Toddler: How Much Is Too Much?

Did you know that nearly half of America’s three month old babies are regular television viewers? Yes, that’s three MONTHS old, according to researchers at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Ninety percent of two year olds get to know Blue, Barney, Dora, her devil-may-care cousin Diego and that sippy-cup-set superstar Elmo intimately through daily television viewing. [Read more…]