Car Seat Safety: Not as Simple as it Seems

Child in an improperly installed car seat (Image: Peter Kieper)

Families with heat-induced cabin fever may take to the roads this weekend.  Before you do, please read this (excerpted here):

…it may surprise you that car seats can actually be responsible for many injuries in children. Young children, especially infants, have weak spines and necks, so even a sharp stop can cause injury if a car seat is installed incorrectly. [Read more…]


My Daughter’s Car Seat Saved Her Life

(8/09) One gray morning last week my daughter and I were in a terrible car accident.  My beautiful four year old and I careened off the road at between 60 and 70 miles an hour. We launched through a guardrail and began to roll. I don’t know how many times.

Then, in a quiet field in rural Texas, motion stopped.

Most of this I know because it has been told to me. I have been told that my car and another collided along the highway. We were traveling the speed limit, but that was fast. I lost control of my SUV.

I lost control.

My baby was in the car. [Read more…]

Money and Your Kids

It’s a white knuckle ride on Wall Street, and the economy remains fragile.  Are you anxious about money?  Do your kids know it?  MSN Money’s Liz Weston at says your attitudes and actions with regard to money management will deeply influence your kids approach to financial matters.

So how do you teach your kids about money and how to manage it so they don’t end up living paycheck to paycheck, in a swirl of anxiety about paying their bills? [Read more…]

Back-to-School Means Back-to-the-Doctor

You’re probably preparing for your child’s back-to-school pediatrician appointment, but to get the most out of it, you have to do a bit of preparation.  I spoke with Dr. Charles Goebel at Texas Health Presbyterian Plano about how to make the most of your child’s visit with their doctor.  It’s not just about physical health, but your child’s doc also cares about their academic achievement.  They’ll also want to know if they’re an athlete, [Read more…]