Pregnant or Breastfeeding? You Need This App!

Photo Courtesy of Texas Tech Health Sciences Center

Many pregnant women and nursing moms spend hours scouring the internet to find out if the medicine they are taking or have been prescribed is safe for their baby.  The Infant Risk Center at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center now makes that search quick and easy. [Read more…]


This Week’s Top Parenting News

I’ve decided to add a new feature to The Anchor Mom. I will do a weekly newscast featuring the parenting news week in review. My inaugural newscast includes a controversial Harvard doc’s opinion that morbidly obese kids should be shipped to foster care, new healthy food guidelines for companies that market to kids, and a new app that allows pregnant and breastfeeding women to check the safety of any medication they may be taking. Please listen in:

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She cries! She Pees! She Breastfeeds! Wait…What? (w Audio Interview)

Little girls of a certain age like to play mommy.  They like to have dolls that do all kinds of things real babies do.  They like to comfort them when they cry.  They like to change their wet diapers.  They like to feed them.

Well, apparently the *way* some little girls like to feed their dolls is causing consternation [Read more…]

The Search For Stem Cells Leads To Your Breasts

Yes, your breasts. Look at that pretty picture for a second. Those are cells in human milk. The stem cells are red and blue, and the adult cells are green.


Not only does that have implications for ongoing research into stem cells and how they might assist in treating several debilitating diseases, but it’s further evidence that human milk is [Read more…]