Parenting News Roundup

In the news this week…

  • Keeping your kids healthy as a heatwave smothers the nation.
  • Recognizing drowning so you can stop it.
  • Do the children of working mothers struggle more than those of stay-at-home moms?
  • New Zealand bans weird baby names.

Please listen here:

  • So what do you think? Should the government have a say in what you name your baby? Please comment in the “Speak Your Mind” area below…
    (BTW…this is how “Albin” was to be spelled: Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116)
  • You can hear the complete interview on keeping your kids healthy in the heat here, and the complete interview on drowning here.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Bonnie, just finished listening to your news cast…..and I have a comment re: the UK’s study on Kids with at home parent vs. the kids with one or two working parents. I am a stay at home Mom at present and spend a considerable amount of time with my children as we homeschool as well. I have not always been a stay at home mom…..I have always homeschooled…but have often worked outside the home………….have not for six years now. I think that the reason one sees such a difference in children’s character is not that influence at all, but what the parent does to interact with the child when they are with them or at home. Some parents may be home but not get involved or interact with their child, and there are parents who are working that spend plenty of quality time with their children in their off time, as is also the case there are some parents who because of their work load, feel they need time to themselves and indulge in such,,,but there are many parents who feel guilty that they do not have the time, energy or desire to attribute to their child’s lifestyles, be it games, activities, recitals, and this creates much angst in a child….really all a child needs is attention and the right kind…loving, meaningful attention…..without that a child will attempt to get attention anyway it can…….attention at a young level is a basic need and acting out is just a different language that is geered to get your attention. What I have seen is that in lieu of this, parents BUY their way out of the guilt they have for not being there, something they must be aware of since their action is based on a preconceived thought. And once a child becomes aware of this cause and effect situation, they use it to their advantage and the cycle becomes a problem child???? Now, I am not blaming the parents….it would not take much to convince me that I would need to take on a job in order to feed my children adequately. It is when we do so for the sake of purchasing needless “things” in our life that do not add any major dimension to our family life on a whole, that is constructed to make the whole more enjoyable. If you are a family who likes to indulge in movies, buying a larger TV might not be a bad idea if this would make your life together more enjoyable. The point is there is a balance…and a good place to start is by getting down to the basics…..make a list, what do we need in order to survive and what do we desire beyond that and create a wish list out of that, and remember that nothing can take the place of the time you spend with your family and children. But these are just the words of a lone woman. As always thanks Bonnie for creating the awareness.

    • Michelle says:

      By saying I do not blame the parents, I mean not blaming them for falling into this situation. It happens. BUT, parents do have a responsibility to show the right behavior by example and to find solutions to behaviors once they become obvious. It wouldn’t be fair to blame a child for becoming a manipulator if they were taught to become one. We as parents are supposed to be the enlightened ones and guide their way, and if not us then WHO?

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