This Week’s Top Parenting News

I’ve decided to add a new feature to The Anchor Mom. I will do a weekly newscast featuring the parenting news week in review. My inaugural newscast includes a controversial Harvard doc’s opinion that morbidly obese kids should be shipped to foster care, new healthy food guidelines for companies that market to kids, and a new app that allows pregnant and breastfeeding women to check the safety of any medication they may be taking. Please listen in:

  • What do you think of Dr. Ludwig’s foster care opinion?  Please post here, or email me at
  • More on the CFBAI’s new nutritional guidelines can be found here.
  • Much more on the pregnancy/breastfeeding app, including my complete interview with Dr. Tom Hale, can be found here.

Thanks for listening to The Anchor Mom’s inaugural newscast!  Again, I welcome your comments.  Please post here or email me!  🙂




  1. LOVE THIS–AWESOME. I love listening to this information. Makes me a better “uncle” to the little folks in my life.

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