Autism: Holly Robinson Peete Tells KRLD “Don’t Forget Dad” (W Audio)

I’ve spent some time on this site talking about autism and its causes, but today my esteemed colleague at NewsRadio 1080 KRLDMitch Carr, spoke with Holly Robinson Peete of The Talk and HollyRod Foundation about living with the disorder.  Her son, RJ, has autism. See, parents of children on the spectrum care about finding the cause (causes?), for sure, but they care more about how they can help their children live their best lives.  They also care about living their best lives, not only as parents of a child with autism, but as couples and as individuals.

Today Holly talks specifically about dads.  Fathers often get lost in the examination of issues involving family life, and dads of kids on the spectrum are no exception.  That’s true even if the dad is former NFL great Rodney Peete (author of Not My Boy!).  Holly and Mitch talk about that here:

Thank you, Holly and Mitch, for sharing this conversation with me.

I’m glad I could share it with you.


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