$1,500 Preterm Labor Drug Naked Money Grab (W AUDIO Interview)

UPDATE on FDA: Pharmacies Can Still Make Preterm Birth Drug

Naked money grab.  Those are the only words I could think of today after speaking with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano obstetrician Randall Burt.  It seems to me that’s what KV Pharmaceutical was doing when it apparently went trolling around for an old, cheap medication that desperate people would do just about anything to get, made a synthetic version of it, called it Makena, and announced it would charge an obscene amount of money for it.  Matt Thomas and I spoke with Dr. Burt this afternoon on NewsRadio 1080 KRLD about all of this.  Our first question was how does 17-Hydroxyprogesterone work?  He says we don’t really know…

Thank you, Dr. Burt.



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