Twins: As Different as Night and Day

Remember this story?  Originally posted @ Pea in the Podcast on 1/1/09

Of course, moms of twins will tell you they are all distinct individuals, not halves of a whole. But with a set of twins born in the U.K., it’s easier to see they are distinct individuals, because they appear to be of different races. The same parents had another set of twins with similarly distinctive appearances seven years ago. How cool is that?

I gotta tell you, this kind of stuff fascinates me. When carrying my daughter, I spent hours wondering what she looked like in there, considering the cards available to her in her genetic deck. After all, while her father and I share fair coloring, both of our fathers are darker, with black hair. I wondered if my girl might be born with black hair and a natural tan. I actually was quite enchanted with the idea. But one thing I knew for sure. Her eyes were blue, no question, as both her father and I have blue eyes.

When she arrived, my girl was as fair as both of her parents…and perfect. In fact, it thrills me when people say she looks just like me, because I think she is the most beautiful thing on this beautiful Earth!

…but those blue eyes of which I was so certain? They were as grey as a stormy sea. Like slate. Like steel.

Like my sister…:)

The genetic lottery is fun for everyone, and it doesn’t even cost you a dollar!

The fact is, though, these two sets of twins are not of different races, as every story I’ve read about them implies. There is not one “black” twin and one “white” twin. To say so turns a spotlight on our perceptions about race and culture, and how outward (skin deep) appearance often defines who we are at the expense of evaluating the whole person.

All four of these girls are sisters, born of the same mother and father. Born with the same genetic cards in their decks. They are four multi-racial girls, not two “black” girls and two “white” girls. To distill their identities down to color, alone, is actually quite offensive.

But I’m glad people are hearing this family’s story! It highlights the rich tapestry of ethnicity that makes this Earth so beautiful, and reminds us that we are all siblings under the skin, no matter how different we may appear!

Are you carrying multiples? We have everything you need to about the unique journey of moms carrying and giving birth to multiples in our Pea in the Podcast: Twins and Multiples



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