$1,500 Preterm Labor Drug Naked Money Grab (W AUDIO Interview)

UPDATE on FDA: Pharmacies Can Still Make Preterm Birth Drug

Naked money grab.  Those are the only words I could think of today after speaking with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano obstetrician Randall Burt.  It seems to me that’s what KV Pharmaceutical was doing when it apparently went trolling around for an old, cheap medication that desperate people would do just about anything to get, made a synthetic version of it, called it Makena, and announced it would charge an obscene amount of money for it. [Read more…]


Meta-Analysis: Vaccine & Autism Theory Not Dead

I thought I’d take a quick minute to post this CBS News story exploring possible causes of autism, that includes these statements:

(Helen) Ratajczak’s article states, in part, that “Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination [emphasis added]. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain.” [Read more…]

FDA: Pharmacies Can Still Make Preterm Birth Drug

This is important to so many moms and babies, it’s difficult to calculate.  This WebMD article announces the Food and Drug Administration’s agreement to allow women at risk for preterm birth (ie have had a previous preterm birth) to continue to receive shots of 17-Hydroxyprogesterone from compounding pharmacies for 15 to 20 bucks a pop.  The price of medicine had been set to increase to $1,500 because the FDA had approved KV Parmaceutical version – Makena –  and women using the compounding version would be forced to take the KV version.

This news caused many women taking weekly shots of  17 OHP to go into a full-on panic [Read more…]

Autism, Vaccines, Fraud and Moving On

Autism – A developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills.  Autism is a physical condition linked to abnormal biology and chemistry in the brain. The exact causes of these abnormalities remain unknown, but this is a very active area of research. There are probably a combination of factors that lead to autism. -PubMed

Such clinical terms for a disorder that consumes the lives of families of  perhaps 1 in 110 American children (Centers for Diseases Control).  [Read more…]